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Financing a new property or premise for your company is something that takes time to consider due to the inevitable amount of money you have to invest in it. This “problem” is also present for real estate investors and the best solution they have founds so far is to rely on commercial mortgage loans. Either if you are a business that will occupy the property or an investor that will resell it later on, you have 3 options to finance the purchase:

  • Use your savings and income.
  • Sell assets, other properties, or valuable belongings to finance it.
  • Search and apply for loans that can cover a great percentage of the total price.
Commercial mortgage loan-Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Jacksonville

For companies, the first two options can represent a great deal since more expenses, projects, and needs are involved, and not having enough funds for them or even emergencies is not acceptable. For commercial real estate investors, properties are a bet even when they have experienced, and using all they have or a great part of the money for it can be a very bad idea for their personal finances. Therefore, loans are more suitable to maintain your savings intact, work with monthly payments and have opportunities for more than purchase but also finance renovations and other similar projects related to the property.

These loans are usually obtained from banks, insurances, pension funds, and other lending institutions but after meeting many requirements and the conditions offered are not always the best. Also, you have to be confident about the type of credit you are requesting which in this case, instead of going for commercial financing, focus on commercial mortgage loans that come with higher LTV ratio and lower interest rates, especially when the lender is a private company. At Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Jacksonville, we can offer you these loans to finance your future premise or new commercial real estate investment.

Compared to regular loans and other lenders as well, commercial mortgage loans allow you to access the required funds in only a few days after the approval, and the conditions established such as interest rates and the term of the loan, are fair for the borrower 100% of the time at least in our company.

Benefits of having us as your lenders

First, our interest rates are fixed and much lower than other lenders. For these commercial mortgage loans, we work with a range that goes from 2% to 10% and everything depends on the sum of money requested, collateral, and other requirements and factors established. And for the term of the loan, we go up to 30 years which allows you to worry less about repaying the credit during the first years.

You can maintain your business while finally obtaining your commercial property or work on a big project as a real estate investor. Finally, we do not offer loans for purchases only. If you need renovations or cover other expenses related to commercial properties, our mortgage loans can go over them depending on the information and details you provide. Therefore, feel free to rely on us at Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Jacksonville for your new and very necessary investment.

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