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Having a lot of inventory or items is not always good if there is no use for them or you are being limited with other projects and needs. therefore, if you are planning to purchase a space for storage or maybe finance a commercial property, warehouse facility finance can help you deal with everything at once.

Most loans you are used to reading and listening about are focused on providing funds based on properties you can put as collateral or other assets. Also, those funds you obtain from the credits are usually meant for specific expenses and projects.

Warehouse facility finance-Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Jacksonville

Real estate investment is, without a doubt, the main reason why companies and businesses request loans in the first place but they do not meet all the requirements for them over 30% of the time. The main problem lies in not having collateral to offer, which is more important than credit score when it comes to financing facilities or properties. By knowing this, you can now understand why warehouse facility finance is so useful: because you already have collateral.

If you are a company or even particular thinking about what to do with the excess of items and inventory, you can easily use them to finance more space to store future investments and acquisitions, or even part of the acquisition of a new property. However, this financing option is not often available in banks and regular lending institutions since it involves not caring about credit scores and other requirements most of the time. Also, the collateral offered through inventory is not always useful for those lenders, which is why they prefer to just avoid offering the option.

At Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Jacksonvillewe can open this alternative for you and help with the required funds to finance a warehouse facility or other similar properties and spaces. We will take your inventory and items based on their value in the market and determine, based on them, how much we can cover—in percentage—the total cost of the investment you are aiming for.

How to apply for warehouse facility finance

It does not take too long nor many requirements to meet. In our company, we consider credit score and the usual requirements like financial records and previous loans requested, paid, and active ones as well. However, as we have mentioned so far, collateral is the most crucial part which is why we need details and proofs of the inventory you have and allow our team to visit the place where you store them to make sure they are in perfect shape, but this is only when your loan is being considered.

Finally, you have to make sure to provide details about the facility and final use of the funds once we deposit them in your bank account. This will allow us to keep track of how you are using the money and if it was properly described during your application and when signing the agreement. As for the rest, at Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Jacksonville, we do not put obstacles in your way, so make sure to apply for warehouse facility finance if you are going for the previous goals and needs.

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