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In Jacksonville and all over Duval County, finding lenders that are not banks or insurances—or similar entities—is difficult, especially when you are trying to obtain a real estate loan or a credit that involves a large amount of money to cover your needs and projects. As a result, most people end up relying on banks 80% of the time due to having a reliable source but paying the price of higher interest rates and shorter loan terms compared to unreliable lenders that offer lower rates.

In terms of relevancy, reliability, and being certain that the lender will meet its part of the deal is more important than trying to reduce the interest rates you end up paying, at least, this is the case most of the time. However, what if you end up having the option to work with a lender that can offer better benefits and additional ones compared to any other regular entity? Like lower interest rates, longer loan terms, terms and conditions that adjust to your needs and projects, flexibility, reliability, and more.

CRE Loan Pros of Jacksonville-Locations

At Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Jacksonville, we are able to offer all the benefits above through our services or credits and we still have more to offer:

  • Over 20 different loans to access the one that fits your necessity and project.
  • Loans for both individuals and companies.
  • Availability in the entire county: Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach, Baldwin, and many other cities.
  • Loans are based on either creditworthiness or collateral.
  • Fewer requirements and an excellent credit score are not usually required.

Since we are private lenders, we are not limited by many regulations and laws. We do meet legal regulations and requirements for our company to offer loans and credits for different projects and needs, but unlike banks, we have more freedom when finally fulfilling them and starting our services. This opens more doors for you and gives you access to a wide range of services in Jacksonville or any other city in Duval County.

What services are available in the county?

Since we have over 20 different loans available, you can expect to find the loan—or loans—you need. Our most requested ones in the city are those destined for commercial purposes: commercial real estate loans, commercial and industrial loans, and construction loans. However, private money loans and hard money ones also compete with the previous ones. You are welcome to access any of them as long as you meet our requirements, which are not similar to the one’s banks or insurances will usually request and even if they are, you will notice a positive change for you in how well you have to fulfill them.

That being said, the rest of our services are available for any individual and company, which means you do not have to be limited to the previous options only. Just make sure to contact us and let us know your specific location in the county and our team will help you regardless of the location. As for how you can request a loan, everything can be done online to avoid visits or going out of your property.

There are so many areas or regions where we offer these services with most of them being cities.

However, if you need any of these services, you need to contact us. The list below comprises the areas where we offer these services.