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Accessing real estate loans for your investments or new acquisitions where you will finally have your business or start living, is not difficult since many lenders and entities offer them. However, for other types of expenses like cash flow, construction, and more, the story can be a bit different. Fortunately, our company Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Jacksonville offers over 20 different services and therefore, credits, that are not only for real estate but rather different expenses. Below, you can find a very short description of each one of them:

CRE Loan Pros of Jacksonville-Services
  • Private money loans: you can access your funds in a matter of days or even hours, set lower interest rates, and have longer loan terms when compared to traditional loans.
  • Private funding loans: meeting cash flow needs and accessing bankroll operations is possible thanks to these loans available in our company due to the funds we provide as your capital.
  • Commercial mortgage loans: a fully amortized loan to access a new commercial property without accepting unreasonable and unbearable conditions and terms.
  • Commercial real estate loans: we can help you to cover the missing amount of money you need to acquire your new promise or commercial real estate.
  • Hard money loans: short-term loans that are based on the collateral you offer in order to acquire the funds to usually acquire a new residential or commercial property as a real state investor.
  • Construction loans: we will finance the construction of a new property by providing the funds every time a phase of the project is complete and another start.
  • Multi-family loans: properties with 2 to 5 or more units can be accessed by using our multi-family credits, which offer better benefits and conditions overall.
  • Mixed-use loans: properties or real estate that have more than one purpose can be financed and we will establish terms based on the final property you obtain or consider.
  • Owner-occupied loans: if you guarantee to reside in the property you acquire for at least a year, extra benefits are included in the loan for its acquisition.
  • Office building loans: you will be able to stop paying for rent and finance your new building to have your own office space.
  • Medical office building loans: medical businesses—small or large—can rely on us to acquire their premises and have enough space to operate.
  • Medical office loans: new doctors and those trying to be independent can renovate a space or acquire a new one to use an office to offer their services.
  • Hotel loans: maintenance, additions, renovations, and a wide range of expenses in a hotel can be covered with the funds obtained from this credit.
  • Operating lines of credit: a short-term loan that is quite similar to having a credit card but with different conditions and larger amounts of money to access anytime and anywhere.
  • Machinery and equipment loans: any new equipment and item for your company or personal projects can be financed with the use of the funds from this loan.
  • Condotel financing: either if it is for residential or renting purposes, we can help you to acquire a new condotel property that will usually allow you to have a passive income.
  • Commercial development loans: we will follow the progress of the development of your commercial property and finance it according to how it progresses.
  • Land development loans: acquiring land and preparing it for future construction is an additional expense to cover for any construction project and we have a specific credit available for it.
  • Commercial construction financing: building a new commercial property from zero and without having to include a part of the capital for this project is possible thanks to us.
  • Commercial land loans: any space or land you want to acquire for building a new commercial property or structure can be financed by our company through this loan.
  • Warehouse loans: you are giving the option to use your inventory and items as collateral to access the funds required for other projects and expenses in your business.
  • Warehouse facility finance: instead of using the funds obtained from having your inventory as collateral for general expenses, acquiring a new facility or real estate for the business is the objective of this loan.
  • Industrial loans: any business or industry that needs funds to maintain the current processes and services as well as improve cash flow can rely on these loans.
  • Commercial and industrial loans: any new project for your business, acquisition, or big expenses in your hands can be financed when accessing this alternative in our company.
  • C&I loan: better terms and conditions are offered through this loan destined for companies and industries where collateral and credit score and considered in order to find a balance to guarantee repayment.
Owner Occupied Loans-Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Jacksonville
  • Commercial lenders: we offer to put you in contact with many lenders that offer great terms and conditions based on the total funds you need for your company’s or business’s projects.
  • Commercial mortgage brokers: instead of a few, you get access to hundreds of alternatives near you that will help you to find the perfect lender for specific projects and needs for your commercial goals.
  • Million-dollar business loan: real estate, start a new large project, or any other need and idea that involves requiring a million dollar could be covered if you meet our requirements for this loan.
  • $1 million dollar unsecured loan: we will take your credit score and offer the specific amount based on your creditworthiness alone but interest rates can increase due to this.
  • How to qualify for a 2 million dollar loan: more requirements and regulations are established, but both individuals and companies can access this amount of money through the loan.

You are welcome to request any of these services at Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Jacksonville regardless of your location in Duval County. Just make sure to meet all—or most of—the requirements before applying for them. We will provide more information when contacting us via email or phone as well.

There are so many areas or regions where we offer these services with most of them being cities.

However, if you need any of these services, you need to contact us. The list below comprises the areas where we offer these services.