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Financing your own space once you graduate from medical school, finish your courses, or are finally able to offer your services in the medical field, will not be simple due to how expensive offices can be nowadays. However, one of the best ways to make this goal come true is by relying on medical office loans.

These loans are meant for individuals that want to start their own businesses in the field and be able to finance it despite not having enough savings or funds by themselves. After all, medical school and any other specialty and career related to it are quite expensive, and even when you have enough funds to afford everything, the investment of a medical office can involve more expenses than it seems.

Medical Office Loans-Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Jacksonville

It is not only about purchasing or renting the space but also renovating and remodeling it if necessary. Sometimes, you might already have a place you can use as your new office, but not enough money to finance the remodeling process to prepare it properly. This is why medical office loans are popular among doctors, nurses, and anyone in the health area since they get the opportunity to afford all the expenses and investments but also obtain additional benefits compared to other types of loans meant for different purposes.

If you want to acquire a medical office, make sure you are choosing these loans in specific since lending companies or institutions will provide better conditions and benefits based on the purpose of the funds you are requesting. When choosing to request, for example, a commercial loan instead of any medical office loan, you are going to be limited to regular terms and requirements that involve higher interest rates, lower LTV ratio, and shorter periods of time for repayment.

However, finding medical office loans in Jacksonville and all over Duval County will be difficult when focusing on traditional lending institutions like banks and financing groups. Instead, focus on private companies and lenders that have them available and indeed offer better benefits. At Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Jacksonville, we are able to provide funds that focus not only on acquiring a new space or premise to use as a medical office but also cover other expenses:

  1. Equipping your medical office.
  2. Performing renovations.
  3. Enough working capital.
  4. Invest in medical offices as a real estate investor and not a future occupant and user of the office.

The best part about having us as your lenders for these loans, in particular, is meeting fewer requirements since we care about your credit score but not to the point where an excellent one is mandatory, collateral continues to be crucial but we are more flexible, and basic documentation is the rest to be provided. Most of the clients that have requested medical office loans from our company have received the funds in only a few days after they were approved, which is why we encourage you to apply as soon as possible at Commercial Real Estate Loan Pros of Jacksonville if you are in a hurry for the funds.

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